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I can help you find yourself
through the vibrations of the soul

There is a place where you can live beyond fear and suffering. 

There is a place where you are the captain of your well-being and  your health.

There is a place where you have the power to co-create what you need despite what happens outside or what you are told. 

That place is inside of you and it's waiting for you to find it.

Transform your limiting beliefs and live beyond your fear.

Quantum Vibrational Healing

Prepare your mental, emotional and cellular structure for the profound change in frequency that is happening on our planet!
Purple - Blue Gradient
discover what your Soul Plan is in this life and decide to....
  • Become conscious of your challenges, the best path to overcome them to activate your gifts and talents and fulfill your life purpose.
  • Know physical mental/emotional and spiritual well-being beyond that which is known
  • Know the truth beyond illusion and accelerate your evolution 
  • Evolve beyond suffering and fear no matter what happens around you 
  • Let go of conditioning and activate your gifts and talents and share them with the world 
  • Make of your life a wonderful experience
consapevolezza del piano dell'anima
conscious awakening

I want to understand myself,

my life and my soul journey.. 

Book a soul plan reading

meditazione e percorsi di consapevolezza
Transform and align

I really want to grow and transform my life 

you would benefit from having one-to-one coaching

tecniche di libertà emotiva

I am already on a soul journey and I want occasional help to further free myself 


Let your soul manifest by freeing yourself from  from  limiting beliefs 


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If I look back I cannot recognize myself
testimonianza percorso di consapevolezza

"If I look back I cannot recognize myself. I have activated many characteristics of mine at an energy level. I am much more sure of myself, I have more vision and direction. I have had so much benefit. It is like an ascending energy, I feel like I am elevating, going a step up each time. I have taken many different inner growth paths but the one I have done with you is perhaps the one that helped me the most"

Domietta Tedeschi Lancetti - Dominican Republic December 2020

Soul Realignment Therapist

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