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toning and the language of light

Dissolve your limitation, access your gifts and expand your consciousness  


It will transform your limitations into unlimited potential, raise your consciousness and activate your gifts and talents.

It adapts your cellular and mental/emotional structure to the changes that are taking place on Earth. 

Get your introductory offer now and have your Sound Healing session for 10 euros instead of 55. Until 30th May

A Sound Healing session feels like "going home"

You can..

  • Raise your vibration

  • Transform your limitations into unlimited potential

  • Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Remove any remaining remnants that are actively blocking your access to New Awareness

  • Open your energy centres

  • Bridge to a higher state of being

  • Raise your consciousness

  • Get more in touch with who you really are

  • Become more sure of yourself

  • Go beyond fear

  • Change your life

  • Accelerate your evolution

    Adapt your cellular and mental/emotional
    structure to the changes that are happening on Earth

 What People say..




"If I look back I cannot recognize myself. I have activated many characteristics of mine at an energy level. I am much more sure of myself, I have more vision and direction. I have had so much benefit. It is like an ascending energy, I feel like I am elevating, going a step up each time. I have taken many different inner growth paths but the one I have done with you is perhaps the one that helped me the most"

Domietta Tedeschi Lancetti - Dominican Republic 

Soul Realignment Therapist


Hi, I am Nadia

I am a Sound Healer and I live and practice in Rome personally and online all over the world.


Usually our gifts reveal themselves in our childhood. If we look at our childhood and what most characterized us and what we liked to do most, it almost always reveals the gift that our soul brings to the world.

In my childhood the particular thing that characterized me was praying. Although my family never pushed the religious aspect on me, I prayed mainly for people who were sick. 

Another thing that characterized me was the joy, strength and enthusiasm that I felt for being part of a big family and contributing to the well-being of the group. We lived in an extended family situation, with many relatives around and I remember that I liked to be of help to this community. 

I enjoyed joking and laughing and bringing peace and lighten things up. In fact, those characteristics are my strengths even today and among the gifts that I bring to the world. 

I am in fact a passionate researcher of the spiritual in our lives and of our deep creativity. I love helping people to expand their awareness, to find the Creative Source within them and their inner gold! I love seeing the change in people when the energy of who they really pervades lights up their face with bliss.


I love bringing people to feel the unconditional joy and alignment of their true being, when they let go of any conditioning and the divine being that they are comes up to the surface. I love teaching how to read life so as to make it a game and a masterpiece of experience. Life then takes on a completely different meaning. It allows us to flow with the contrast that life inevitably brings us and make it a wonderful journey of creation.


My journey into Sound Healing started with Shuichuan Qigong

Shuichuan Qigong is a Taoist spontaneous movement meditation. I started practising this beautiful art in 1996 in Australia.

I changed from being a timid unsure person with low self esteem to feeling sure of myself, sure of what I wanted and where I was going. It changed my life and I became the person I've always wanted to be.

Over the years it brought me to making sounds with my voice, mudras and the language of light, spontaneously.  (we not only have negative memories recorded in our cells, we also have gifts!! we just need to let them shine).

Though it was not easy at first to surrender to what was coming up, I started using it in my practice (I was practising Homeopathy and Massage in Australia back then).

I could see that it produced evident changes in people. I did not know exactly what was happening but I just surrendered to the state of qigong and let movement, sounds and the language of light flow.


"You will have a task because you asked for it, you will start today"

In 2012 I was practising qigong in my flat and suddenly I got the message "you will have a task because you asked for it. You will start today". I did not know what it was. I often received messages and I knew I needed to wait for this message to reveal itself.


At the time I sold Tibetan and crystal singing bowls but I did not use them in my practice of holistic therapies. In the same afternoon of the message a lady came to buy a singing bowl. When we met, in the joy of the moment, I proposed to her to listen to the sound of a crystal bowl together with the sound of my voice and the language of light that I acquired over the years of qigong practice, as a kind of meditation. It was a nice experience that raised our energy a lot.

The same evening I remembered the message I received earlier "you will have a task because you asked for it, you will start today" and I wondered what I had done that day. The only particular thing I had done was sound meditation with the crystal bowl and my voice.

Since that day I have felt a strong urge to play Tibetan and crystal bowls using my voice and the language of light. This has now transformed to just using my voice and the language of light to activate the DNA.

zena fiera risveglio quantico.jpg

"Prepare the structure for the life to come"

It wasn't long before I proposed my first sound bath with a group of people, as a relaxing encounter. One person hosted me in his house with several participants for my first sound bath.

To my great surprise, the sound bath did not turn out to be a simple relaxing session but had been instrumental to a very important change in the person who had hosted my session and an important experience for all participants. It therefore seemed to have been a real cathartic encounter aimed at inner growth and awareness.

At my second sound bath something similar to the previous one happened. So I began to see a common denominator. This sound bath seemed to be a spark, or a push to important evolutionary inner changes, and consequently external changes, in the life of those who participated and were obviously ready for that change (nothing can ever happen if you are not ready).

I was becoming curious to understand more, but without clinging to that curiosity. And when we ask the universe, the universe delivers.

So during yet another sound bath I received another message "prepare the structure for the life to come". I understood over time that 'structure' meant our body and our mind, and in short, the whole being on this earth. I had to prepare my body and mind for a major change to come and do the same for all the people who receive the sound activation. 

What does Activation mean? It means awakening latent gifts that go beyond space-time, our divinity if you will, the creative being that we are beyond three-dimensional reality. It means awakening our multidimensional being.

"You will act as a bridge, you will work with the eleventh ray"

Soon more information arrived: "you will act as a bridge, you will work with the eleventh ray". I did not know what the eleventh ray was until by synchronicity I found an explanation.


"The eleventh ray is about the awakening of your multidimensional being. It shakes us to awaken us to our divine reality, because we are much more than what we think we are. It allows us to open our multidimensional portals. It is a divine golden energy that unfolds within you"


Here you can find more information on the 11th Ray and its functions.


Take this opportunity


I look forward to seeing you.





Everyone is born with a unique gift to bring to the world

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